Alan Shortt

Corporate MC/Host - Communications Expert

Conor McGregor, Alan, Sir Richard Branson

Conor McGregor, Alan, Sir Richard Branson

Alan Shortt has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Conor McGregor, PeleJoe Schmidt, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and many more.

Alan is a Professional MC/Host and Motivational Speaker in “The Science of Communication”. Alan Facilitates Corporate Conferences, Awards Ceremonies, and Private Events, using his unique interview style to get the best stories from Star Guests and panels of experts.


“Great Leaders tell Stories…. What’s Your Story?”

Tony Robbins & Alan

Tony Robbins & Alan


Alan has developed “The 5 Steps to Communication Success” and offers Effective  Communication Skills training to Corporates, SME’s and individuals.

What are “The 5 Steps to Communication Success?”

1.         StoryCraft

2.         Presentation Skills

3.         Keynote Speech

5.         Be an Expert MC/Host

5.         Media Training

Master all 5, and you become a Master Communicator.


“You can Talk BUT can you SPEAK?”

Sile Seoige, Alan, Packie Bonner

Sile Seoige, Alan, Packie Bonner

 What will happen at your Conference?

When Alan is invited to speak at a conference, he tailors his speech to suit the exact needs of the Client and Company. Here are some examples…….

“Hack the Communication Code”

“Words For Wellbeing”

“How to Communicate in a Global Environment”

“Know Your People”

“How to Shine Online”

“Storynomics - Become a StoryPro”

“Prepare for the Future - Practice in the Present” 

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Who has Alan worked with?

Bank of Ireland, Sanofi, Tusla, Dell/Emc, HSA, An Post, IPB, Britvic Ireland, Eli Lily, Ericsson, Credit Unions, ARUP, The Pendulum Summit, PayPal, and many more.


What do clients think of Alan?

Fiona Naughton - Sr Director, Global Brand Planning at PayPal.

“Alan!! What a genius, a quick witted master - with a huge challenge to work a very rowdy two level room and yet he had the crowd with him every step of the way. His planning was perfect but it was his delivery that won the hearts in the conference room - the mastery of blending cheekiness with charm to deliver thought provoking  Content. He totally nailed it - he set the mood 100% right and created the best atmosphere I have ever experienced at a conference like this. He is an incredibly talented intelligent man - and not just that, he has the timing and judgement which I believe would make him succeed at any Conference- such a hard job looked effortless and natural to him - he was a joy!!! “


Jimmy Lee - Manufacturing Manager, Britvic Ireland Ltd.

Alan was extremely creative in helping me correct some concerns I had with regards to presentations and communications. At the outset Alan understood the issues and was able to help me correct them. Alan's approach is extremely effective and he fully understands the sphere of communications and how to engage an audience or 2 to thousands. This experience helps him understand his clients difficulties allowing him to tailor solutions to meet the clients needs. I could not recommend Alan highly enough.

Conor McGregor, Alan, Sir Richard Branson

Conor McGregor, Alan, Sir Richard Branson


How did Alan Shortt become a Communications Expert?

Alan has been working in radio and television in Ireland for the last twenty five years, gaining a wide experience from both sides of the camera.

He works as a Mentor/Trainer, Presenter, Professional Mcee/Host, Motivational Speaker. Alan is a regular contributor on RTE Radio/TV, and BBC Radio Ulster,

As a live performer Alan has a deep understanding how to connect with an audience, face the fear of Public Speaking and deliver a Story that sticks FOREVER!


“Make your Story Pay”


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